Track Notes:
– Liquid is the 4th track of the November 2011 release of my band Warpspeed Orchestra. It is an ambient sound journey.
– Plethora also is from the EP. This is closer to the live sound of the band, which mixes into drum and bass near the end. This is a demonstration of blending a variety of genres.
– Nine Degrees of Separation is an Electro-Acoustic work, morphing sound objects. Here a bumble bee is transformed into 9 states returning to its original form.
– Soul Fever evolved in the rehearsal room with a full band, taking a fractal arpeggiator as a starting point. This is a live studio performance.
– Diffusion Club Mix. Remix of track 7, this track featured in the BBC documentary ‘The Battle of Stokes Croft’, the party scene.
– Mowgli theme. The soundtrack written for the Entrepreneur Mentor International Charity, and used for their online promotion.
– Diffusion. The title soundtrack for the BBC documentary ‘The Battle of Stokes Croft’.